Unlike a parenting capacity evaluation or child abuse and neglect evaluation, which is focused on a minimally sufficient level of parental care, custody/parenting time evaluations are focused on the best interests of the child.  When caregivers are in dispute about a parenting plan, the issue may relate to isolated areas of concern that can be addressed with a brief focused assessment.  Occasionally however a full child custody evaluation is needed.

Dr. Maddux has conducted over 3000 evaluations in Federal and State cases, with a balanced ratio of adults and children seen.  He has worked for Bronx Family Court mental health services and is the only board-certified forensic psychology provider with offices in Bergen County. He is accessible and recognizes the importance of taking a multimodal multi-method approach to rendering opinions in these cases.  Dr. Maddux is a member of national committees charged with developing various policy statements and practice guidelines used by forensic practitioners throughout the United States. He would be pleased to review your supporting documents, speak with critical collateral informants, and take the time to gain a real understanding of what is best for the children.  If you have a tight timeline, simply text Dr. Maddux now to see if he has the availability to assist or learn more by scheduling a free consultation today.