When there are concerns about your ability to safely and satisfactorily do your job because of an underlying psychological condition, then you could be referred to a psychologist for a fitness for duty examination.  Psychologists use their training, skills, multiple methods and multiple sources of information to reach opinions about a worker’s fitness.  Psychologists carefully assess and described any functional impairment or other relevant limitations to doing your job, and if an accommodation by your employer could suffice. However, it is also imperative that the psychologist understand the laws, regulations and policies that may prohibit divulging such information about you to your employer. Therefore, this niche area of practice requires a specific skill set.

Dr. Maddux has been requested to perform fitness for duty examination’s concerning employees holding various positions (e.g., Librarian, University administrator, Sales, etc.). He carefully considers individual differences in his assessment approach (e.g., gender, sex, race, ethnicity, etc.). These examinations are particularly high-stakes for public-safety employees. Dr. Maddux is also routinely sought after by individuals looking to appeal a preemployment finding for a public-safety position.  We have a wide network of evaluator’s specialized in this area.  Call now to start a conversation.  10-hour callback guaranteed.