We have seen many advances in forensic psychology regarding the assessment of violence risk. Methodological advances have promoted this growth. Psychologists require specialized skills in order to reach reliable and valid opinions. They need a clear understanding and grasp of the referral question. They must consider base rates and empirically supported risk and protective factors. These evaluations of violence risk are relevant in a variety of legal contexts, such as sentencing hearings, child protection cases, fitness for duty evaluations, DVSJA cases, and more.

Contact Dr. Maddux today if you are in need of an assessment regarding risk for violence. If you need treatment in connection with violent behavior, you can obtain a course of services from Dr. Maddux that is tailored to addressing your specific underlying risk factors and documenting your progress for the court.

Dr. Maddux will carefully communicate the findings of your risk assessment in a way that is understandable to a non-professional audience. He goes beyond noting if risk is high or low by addressing the various components of risk, such as its nature, imminence, and frequency. We also provide risk-management plans that could be of assistance in your matter. We are a highly specialized practice, fully committed to the assessment of harm, risk, and various abilities. Contact us today to learn more about our violence risk assessments and availability. Ten-hour call back guaranteed.