In personal injury or tort law, damages are provided to make an injured person “whole” through the award of money to compensate for injuries. Where one party owes a duty to another party and there was a breach in that duty, which resulted in harm or damages, then personal injury litigation may follow.  Though the vast majority of these cases settle outside of court, a forensic psychologist is used for a neutral examination of the plaintiff to help assess the causation and degree of damages. Specifically, a psychologist may be called upon to assess whether there is a psychological injury, the degree of injury, to provide an opinion about the origins of that harm, to assess the recovery or prognosis of the injury, or to assess the credibility of the parties involved.

In addition to examining a person who has been injured, a psychologist may also be used to evaluate people that were in the zone of danger at the time of the incident.  The offices of Lamb and Maddux LLC provides forensic psychology services throughout North Jersey and New York.  Our opinions are based upon the law, ethics, current research, forensic methods, neuropsychological testing and psychological evaluation.  Dr. Maddux has spent his entire career assessing harm and causality in a variety of legal contexts.  Ask about his experience during a free no risk consultation today. We can assist as your neutral and impartial expert, or as your behind-the-scenes team member and trial consultant.