The offices of Lamb + Maddux LLC provide personal injury evaluations throughout the nation. In personal injury or tort law, damages are provided to make an injured person “whole.” If a breach of duty caused harm, then personal injury litigation may follow.  Forensic psychologists are used to assess causation and harm. They are requested to assess for psychological injuries. They also assess the degree of injury and provide opinions about the origins of harm. Psychologists also provide opinions regarding prognosis, improvement, and the presence of feigning. In addition to examining a person who has been injured, a psychologist may also be used to evaluate people in the zone of danger at the time of the incident.

Dr. Maddux provides national trainings on the assessment of psychological injuries for personal injury cases. Dr. Maddux also trains psychologists evaluating minors in personal injury cases and develops resources for their practice community. Dr. Maddux is currently under contract with APA Publishing to write Psychological Evaluation of Children in Personal Injury Lawsuits. Our opinions are based upon the law, ethics, current research, forensic methods, neuropsychological testing, and psychological evaluation.

Dr. Maddux has spent his entire career assessing harm and causation in a variety of legal contexts.  Ask about his experience during a free no-risk consultation today. We can assist as your neutral and impartial expert or as your behind-the-scenes team member and trial consultant.