If you are a party in a personal injury or civil rights claim, then perhaps you’re carefully examining the credentials of different psychologists in Jersey City.  Upon doing so, maybe you are having difficulty distinguishing between generalists and specialists in forensic psychology. One credential to consider is Board Certification in Forensic Psychology by the ABPP, which is a mark of proficiency in forensic psychology that is recognized by judicial decisions.  Our Jersey City forensic psychologists are highly credentialed, and Dr. Maddux is Board-Certified in Forensic Psychology.  Very few New Jersey psychologists hold this credential and Dr. Maddux is the first African-American, to our knowledge, to become board-certified in forensic psychology in the state of New Jersey. Dr. Maddux has experience testifying in Jersey City Family Court.  He is a former Jersey City resident and maintains a satellite office in Jersey City.  For starters, text us to see if you’re timeline works with our availability: 212-810-6365.