Some schools and workplaces have policies requiring suspensions pending a psychological evaluation indicating the student or employee is safe to return to school or work. You may perceive this requirement to be an unimportant formality or “just a simple doctor’s note.” However, providing a psychological opinion that stands to impact such vulnerable populations (e.g., classmates) calls for an adequate assessment process to establish our opinions. These requests could require a careful assessment of risk for violence, suicidality, etc.

We understand that obtaining such an evaluation is an urgent issue for you. Your child is likely missing school or perhaps you’re missing days of work and pay. Dr. Maddux is accessible and works with a variety of qualified professionals. While we can get you in within 48 hours, please note that we do not accept insurance for this service. That said, “Psychologists recognize that fairness and justice entitle all persons to access to and benefit from the contributions of psychology;” APA, 2002. Call to review your payment options. Start a conversation today.