There are a variety of qualified psychologists serving the residents of Newark.  However, providing psychological services in the context of litigation requires specialized skills.  Some families find themselves involved with ACS or the Division of Child Protection and Permanency due to child abuse and neglect allegations or termination of parental rights proceedings.  Some family’s are involved in immigration cases, civil rights issues, or are in the process of appealing a preemployment rejection from a local Police Department.  When you contact our Newark forensic psychologists, we will provide you with information about how we contribute to the process in cases like yours.  Our Newark forensic psychologists, including Dr. Maddux, have completed hundreds of psychological evaluations concerning:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Return-to-School or Work
  • Disability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Guardianship
  • Custody/Parenting Time
  • Civil Rights

In the state of New Jersey, Dr. Maddux has personally conducted thousands of forensic mental health assessments in a variety of forensic contexts.  In the majority of cases, these evaluations resulted in some form of stipulation, agreement or settlement.  Like our evaluations, our fees are also transparent.  Lamb and Maddux, LLC. has a satellite office (by appointment only) located One Gateway Center, STE 2600 Newark, NJ, 07102. Call today to learn about your payment options and to gain more information from a Newark forensic psychologist.