Child maltreatment has different definitions across the nation but generally involves harm to a child or a child being placed at risk of harm by a caregiver.  When a reporter notifies CPS of an allegation, they will begin a process to collect information and ultimately reach a finding about whether or not maltreatment occurred.  During the course of the investigation, CPS may or may not choose to litigate the case for various reasons.  A psychological evaluation could be requested to address questions about if a child was harmed, and about whether or not the child was placed at a significant risk for harm.  Psychologists have several tools, including a well-established research base, to provide valid and reliable opinions in this area.

Dr. Maddux has conducted several 100 evaluations in the area of child maltreatment.  He is a member of the largest professional society for child maltreatment professionals in the nation (APSAC) and he sits on its Board of Directors.  He has supervised other psychologists conducting these evaluations and is involved in the revision of guidelines used by professionals conducting these evaluations in the United States. Call today and ask Dr. Maddux for his personal endorsements regarding his services in this area.  Get started today.