When a person’s ability to safely parent is brought into question, it can bring on a strong emotional response.  While there are various parental rights, these rights are balanced against the safety and protection of a child.  If it is found that a parent cannot provide a minimally sufficient degree of parental care, they could be subject to various restraints such as: supervised parenting time; court-ordered services; removal of a child; and in some cases, termination of their parental rights.

In these cases, Psychologists rely upon about their skill set in order to provide the court with the opinions relevant to the caregivers’ ability to effectuate a minimally sufficient degree of parental care.  Dr. Maddux has performed several hundred evaluations at the request of child protective service agencies; Parent attorneys have referred to him as “balanced” and “fair.” Dr. Maddux is experienced in this area and serves as a member of national committees charged with developing various policy statements and practice guidelines used by forensic practitioners throughout the United States.  Our evaluations are culturally competent, impartial, structured and transparent.