If you are seeking disability benefits in connection with a mental-health condition, then it is often the case that you will be referred for a consultative examination by a psychologist. The law describes the relevance of whether: your difficulties have lasted or are expected to last for several months; the specific issues preventing you from engaging in a substantial and gainful level of work activity; and your diagnosis. Psychologists have training, tools and methods to assess you and to reach opinions regarding these important points and related issues (e.g., can you manage your own benefits if you qualify).

Dr. Maddux has evaluated hundreds of disability claimants. First and foremost, Dr. Maddux is a practitioner with a great deal of experience in the specialty area of forensic psychology. Either directly or indirectly, Dr. Maddux has completed hundreds of consultative examinations at the request of the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), Division of Disability Determinations. If you are involved in litigation in connection with a physical or emotional workplace injury or a psychological issue that keeps you from working, then an opinion from a psychologist could be required. Call when you’re ready to explore your options. Dr. Maddux is available to take your call. Just ask for a free consultation.