During sentencing, psychologists could be called upon to share information with the court that demonstrates what makes the defendant unique. These formulations could include testimony about treatment needs, the defendant’s life circumstances, situational factors that may have contributed to the incident, and more.  For example, psychologists may testify to the defendant’s family situation, past treatment attempts, offense record, and the extent to which external control is needed to manage risk.

Whether seeking an expert for an adult sentencing hearing or a juvenile delinquency matter, call and learn more about what psychologists have to offer in these areas.  Dr. Maddux is also sought out by New York lawyers in need of an experienced Forensic Psychologist in DVSJA cases. Under the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, re-sentencing is possible if domestic violence is found to have significantly contributed to the examinee’s crime. In these cases, “domestic violence” includes child maltreatment.  We are also here to assist in Miller/Graham cases as well as N.J. State v. Zuber and Comer cases. Get started today.