If you are involved in an immigration case or will be filing a personal injury claim involving emotional damages or psychological injuries, then consider the following.  In these matters as well as civil rights cases and child maltreatment cases, some form of psychological harm is being alleged to have occurred or to be at imminent risk of occurring.  In order to establish these claims, a Bronx forensic psychologist can tell you about their process and how courts have relied upon them for expert opinions and independent medical examinations in these matters.  At Lamb and Maddux, LLC., our methods and evaluation processes are transparent.  Forensic psychologists in the Bronx are involved in various cases including the following:

  • Asylum
  • Victims of Criminal Activity U Visa
  • Sentencing
  • Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Disability
  • Workers’ Compensation

Dr. Maddux has completed over 3000 evaluations for Federal and State cases.  He has experience working as an in-house expert at the Bronx Family Court.  He has also provided expert testimony in the Bronx County Supreme Court. In addition, Dr. Maddux is the past president of the New York State psychological Association division of forensic psychology. Lamb and Maddux, LLC. has a satellite office (by appointment only) located at 1200 Waters Place, Bronx, NY 10461. 212-810-6365 Call us for a free consultation today.