Worker’s Compensation is a program that provides cash benefits and medical care for workers who are injured or sick as a direct result of their job. Employers are responsible for paying towards this insurance program at no cost to the employee. Worker’s compensation laws were developed to protect employees. Once a worker gives notice to the employer about their intention to file a claim, a non-confidential examination could be requested to answer some important questions. The success of the claim could depend upon if the injury or disability will impact the employee’s earning, the cause(s) of the injury, and whether it occurred during the course of employment. Compensation could also be affected by whether the injury was accidental or not.

Psychologists have specialized experience, tools, and methods to draw conclusions regarding how closely someone’s circumstances line up against the requirements of the Worker’s Compensation laws. Following an evaluation, a psychologist’s findings could assist the hearing officer in reaching a determination.

Dr. Maddux has experience assessing harm and causation. His consideration of possible alternative hypotheses are consistent with practice recommendations and lend to the credibility of his work. If you are in need of a psychologist to serve as an expert in a Worker’s Compensation case, or to provide treatment for a claimant’s concerns, then Dr. Maddux would be pleased to speak with you.